Thursday, February 2, 2012

my BIG news.

the weirdest thing is that if you want to do something. you just simply do it. i haven't exactly lived my life like this. it was more like, want it, dream it, and do nothing.

but last year my life took a turn. i can back track in my mind where this pivotal moment began. i wanted more out of my life. i wanted to believe in myself. small steps and small changes, FORGIVING, reading inspirational books and even starting to see a counselor has allowed this doubting debbie, this fear filled fanny, to be filled with love for HERSELF. this alone, this love that i finally have for me, with all of my lacks, with all of my tumors, with all of my complexes has broken boundaries without hesitation. life is too precious, i love my life and my happiness too much to be my own worst enemy and to be holding the gate open for misery to invade this life. we have a choice to believe that our worst fear is true, or that our bliss is true and in our pending future. whatever it is that you decide to believe. this is what will come your way. you will either not believe in the doors of opportunity that are being opened towards you, or you will race through them.

of course if i believed money will fall from the sky its not like its gonna happen, or if i believed that i was gonna be killed by a falling star it would happen either. what i mean is a lot more simple than that. if you believe the worst, you wont see the good in front of you. and if you believe in the good, the great, and the beautiful...the bad and the ugly will start to fade. its all about perspective you guys. always.

last year i started to believe in the beautiful. and as i was facing my dreams i was inevitably facing my biggest fears. and through this, as i continue to press forward it feels so right. i am going to continue to do what feels so scary at first, but then so right on the journey.

go after your dreams! if i can do it, anybody can. every time you take a step you may feel like you have got to be losing your mind to be taking these risks, but when you step down, you will see a foot print that fits yours perfectly. it will remind you of your purpose and your passion. and this is what should guide you, not the fear you have before you move, but the passion you gain in each step.

so here i am, you guys. i did it. i am going after my dreams. i trademarked tumor hater and i turned it into a non profit! what? heck yes! i am in the process of applying to be tax exempt. i want to be able to help others that have tumor related medical bills and tumor hater inc will allow this through fundraisers and merchandise sales. so until i have all of the details squared away the tumor hater gear will not be for sale. but it will be through the non profits website that will open when we are ready to start this thing. i will let you guys know as all of these details start to come together.

as for me, i will not be getting any of the money from the sale of merchandise anymore. but will hopefully be good to go with donations and local fundraisers.

anyways, i am going to try to get back to my weekly posts, it has just been hard for me with all of this going on. i hope i haven't lost any of you readers. your comments and your love and prayers are seriously one of the best things that i gained in 2011. thank you again for all of your support. you guys are simply the best.

so the other day i was having some doubts. so i came up with this little thing i could say to myself through out the day when i was getting down. and i wanted to share it with you.

"to doubt is far easier than it is to believe,

but believing always teaches greater lessons

and accomplishes greater victories"

i wanted the description of the pictures at the bottom of the post so i wouldnt completely give away my BIG NEWS...
there i am the day i got my cool tumor hater inc binder that has all sorts of legal documents in it and things of that sort. and then in the other picture you can hardly read it AT ALL. but that my friends, is my trademark certificate, right after i got it...just a wee bit excited!! yahoooo! so excited. i am DOing this!


  1. That sounds so awesome that you trademarked 'tumor hater' and if you ever need anyone to write letters to people like Ellen DeGeneres (she helps stuff like non profits) or other TV personalities, let me know, I can help in that way.

  2. Great on getting that trademark certificate, and for applying for the non profit, you are going a great job.