my dance

looking back on my life i can see that my God my Savior has never left my side. one night i was laying in bed and God gave me this beautiful story that illustrates His love, dedication and mercy so well.
"I'll stand, arms high and heart abandon in awe of the One who gave it all, i'll stand, my soul Lord to you surrendered all i am is Yours"

and there i was in an empty room, it must have been a castle, i felt alone and scared. so i was in the corner facing the wall. then i heard Him call to me, i ignored it. He must not be talking to me. He called again. this time it pulled on my heart, a tug that took my breath away. i gulped trying to stay focused on the wall ignoring this glimpse of love. He called again, a tear formed in my eye and my heart was pulled again. a glimpse of love and hope made my heart flutter. i shyly turned my head to look over my shoulder, my hair fell across my face and i saw Him. He stood in the center of the magnificent room. tall walls shot hundreds of feet high, art work painted by angels danced on the ceiling. He smiled and looked into my teary eyes and called to me again. like a magnet i was pulled to Him. timid still, but i could not resist such love.
as i made my approach, peace and silence filled my heart. nothing mattered to me at all except that i was there and so was He and i was going to be with Him. when i came to Him He slowly took my hands from my side and brought them up into a formal dancing position. i agreed with a smile and nod to dance with Him. He slowly took me around the floor. i danced more graciously than ever before. i exhaled and released my fear and worry that consumed me in the corner. as i was beginning to feel comfortable He picked up the pace. we started doing tighter spins and quicker steps, my anxiety started coming back.
then a wind, a fast and strong wind swept through the room. i was scared and He held me closer, He made me lock eyes with Him. though, hard not to watch the wind, and the destruction it was causing i stared hard into His eyes. one more spin...and then another as i heard the walls start to fall left and right. He spun me hard as if to regain my focus. He leaned into my ear and whispered that He loved me. He pulled me close again as He knew what was going to happen next. a fire and massive heat started to fill the shambles of the room. i couldn't even hold my hands or arms up on my own, i was so weak He was holding me up completely.
tears streamed down my cheeks as the heat sunk through my back, the pain was unbearable, the smoke toxic. He pressed his head on mine and started to sing a love song. the sound of chaos was drown against this song as it matched the beat of his heart coaxing mine to follow. our dance continued in the room, sometimes in spins sometimes in sways. i could no longer breath or stand on my own. he put his face in front of mine and as he breathed it put my breath in me. he held me tighter so i didn't need to stand on my own, my feet dangled in the air. He was the only reason i existed. we were floating above all of my life's deterioration and we were dancing. i lifted my head off His shoulder and stared into his eyes. peace and hope filled my heart as i knew that He will never let go of His grip on me for we will forever be dancing.