Friday, January 20, 2017

repeat after me...

"I was made to do great things." "I was made to do great things." This is what I had to repeat to myself nonstop like a broken record yesterday in order to get out of bed. If I literally left just one second in between repeating it, the heaviness was back immediately. The heaviness of this skin I'm in. The heaviness from physical pain that begins the lies that begins the depression and stagnancy. The heaviness from the fear that begins the brokenness that begins the hopelessness that begins the emotionless. THESE battles, these emotional battles far out weigh the pain I deal with. By far the biggest battle is in the mind. The lies are loud. I can not get by without speaking truth like I did yesterday, without constantly being submerged in Gods word, listening to teachings and trying to be who I KNOW I'm supposed to be even when I want to crawl back in my pit of despair. A pastor said recently to 'pour a mold'. Pour a mold of who you know you are to God. Who you are made to be. Even if you don't feel it at the time, pour your mold and go. Your heart will change. So yesterday I poured my mold. I know I'm made to do great things. Even though all I did was errands, it was everything to silence the lies and to conquer. I want to encourage you to do the same. STOP listening to the lies in your head that hold you back from what you KNOW you were made for. The lies that say you aren't good enough. Or that you won't ever accomplish it cuz you are a failure. Whatever it may be, shut em up man! We only have one life! Repeat the opposite of your biggest lie. My biggest lie is that I'm nothing. That I'm not made for anything. So my biggest pull, is to say "I am made to do great things." Find your biggest lie, pour your mold and show it who's boss.

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