Thursday, December 8, 2016

I have won

There's something to be said of standing on the shore. The place where the unknown meets the known. Where vast meets the limited. Where wide open smacks you in the face in the most beautiful way. Begging you to claim a wilder and deeper freedom. The ocean, a reflection of my eternity. Deep and wide it pulls me in like the tide pulls at the sand. Wetting it, just a kiss, a promise of belonging, a promise of forever. This life. Oh this life. I'm so torn every day. All of my idiosyncratic personal losses and pains, when I bring them before the ocean, it's just like the foot of the cross. The tide comes in and takes them away. I can not help to bring my lot to these sands, or anywhere that puts them in front of the lens of heaven. Anywhere that lets me see them in Your light, juxtaposed to your magnificent ability and power. At your feet Jesus I learn all I would ever need. I am not made for this earth. My human eyes are so limited, my mind so small. But when I stand here, my hope matches this endless horizon. It reveals how eternal I am. When I place my pains before you now they meet their end, they become as a single grain of sand and lost against this all consuming scene. When I am here, what more could I consider than Your astounding glory before me. Here is where my hope is found. This is why no matter how many grains of sand my life permits I have won because of my eternity with you. If death allows me to come face to face with you, then how is it my end? If anything it sounds like my beginning. PC: @noelleolmstead #tumorhater #tumorsfordays #neurofibromatosis

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