Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I have never felt so disconnected, body from soul. It has never been more clear that the bones and skin I'm in is only a place for my soul to dwell. My highs and lows of being fearful and then courageous are nothing more than my humanity battling for control and understanding and then my spirit gaining perspective and victory. I am not made to understand it all, but I am made to serve God. As I let go of the things my humanity desires, I rise higher and higher. Disconnecting, separating, out of my skin right into heaven. While I'm alive I expect battles to continue, and as they do I may feel my body and my world fall apart. But if I step back, disconnect from the breath that makes me human and nestle in the arms of God, I find my place, I find my peace, I find my soul and I am whole once again.

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