Thursday, July 7, 2011

outdoor wonderland

oh heavens, heavens, heavens! i could go on and on and on about my 4th of july weekend. it is now just ending. i left for 'the cabin' on saturday early afternoon and spent 4 glorious days there with eli's family. from dock time to bolo to too many cheetos i have not felt more relaxed and rejuvenated in.....over a year. at least. there is something about that cabin that makes your worries go away. no internet. no tv. just family. nature. and love.

boat rides? gee wiz. i teared up! not because something got caught in my sir. i got teary eyed because i was in some sort of a pine tree/out door wonderland. it stole my heart and took me back to when i was 12. we glided across the water, my hair blew behind me. the air was crisp we were surrounded by mountains including a beautiful snowy one that stood powerfully before us. it was awe inspiring. it was too good for words. i. must. return. stat.

how was YOUR 4th?

oh and just so you time you watch fire works throw on a pair of 3d glasses. not the plastic ones that you get at the movies. they have to be the old school paper ones with one red lense and one blue lense. NO JOKE. 1 fire work=9 fire works when you have a pair of these on! it is sooo insainly exciting. i couldnt stop saying "wow" or just laughing becuase it was so amazing.

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  1. you described that place perfectly... family, nature and love : )
    great photos too! & I'll have to try that fireworks trick. Gosh!! I guess I just love everything about this post.

    So fun meeting you there, I didn't think I could get any more excited about our project but I totally did! Jason is trying to figure out how to pitch in now, too : )