Friday, October 26, 2012

Yahoo Shine

i was nominated to win $10,000 through a competition online. its called 'women who shine'. i am totally honored that i would even be thought of as a woman who shines, let alone being nominated to win some prize for it. i have been reading up on some of the other nominee's and i am so inspired by their stories. it is so cool that there are so many people out there who have fought a good fight yet still remain positive. or who give there time and heart despite their own situations. who love others, just because that is who they are. it is pretty mind blowing to see my story amongst theirs.

to my understanding this is how it works: there are 8 categories. i was placed in the 'activist' category. their will be 8 winners (probably 1 from each category) first place wins 10,000 and the other 7 get their story published (in a magazine i think). i think this is an incredible opportunity for me. of COURSE winning 10,000 would be incredible. but you know what id do with that money? id pay for my upcoming MRI's that i need to have done. i now have no insurance and no job. soooo. pretty hurting for some money. i have applied for disability through my old job (still waiting to hear back from them) and i applied through social security. i was denied from them...but i have written an appeal and i am HOPING that i get it. cuz THEN i can get on the oregon health plan (medical insurance). and Man oh Pete do i need that!! not only would it be cool to win some money, but it would also be incredible to get my story written and get word out about my non profit. i really do want to help hundreds, wait who am i kidding? i want to help thousands of people. i want to see the world decorated in tumor hater gear. i really don't think that's too much to ask =) so the more the word is spread about tumor hater inc. the better!!

i am not saying that i deserve to win. not in the slightest. but i am asking for you to vote. for me, and/or for another deserving person. check out the other nominee's. these ladies are incredible. be inspired and SHINE!
click here to vote for me. thank you!

and guess what?? the website for tumor hater has been launched!! click here to check it out! i am stoked outta my mind for everything that is to come!!
in other news;
check out my you tube channel here, i have added a few more videos. i am hoping that Ellen will somehow hear of my story and have me on her show. it would be a dream come true if she helped me launch this non profit! so if you want to share the videos with your family and friends and everyone else in the world, please do!! i would LOVE that!
and i know this is random the cutest funniest cat alive here...Maru the cat has his own YouTube channel and makes me cry laughing so hard. feel free to go through that whole channel. i hope it makes you as happy as it makes me. i LOVE that cat.

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