Tuesday, March 5, 2013

let hope arise

1) My family and friends are the best thing I could ever ask or wish for. They make me never want to give up my fight. Thank you all for helping inspire the hope within me.
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We all know 'hope' is important. Have you ever seriously considered just how important?
We have all thrown around the phrase 'I'm losing hope'. Or even worse 'I've lost all hope'. But what I have realized, that hope, more than a feeling...is part of our bones. Our genetic make-up. It's human nature. It is a survival instinct. It is a will.
You see, picture this. A man or a woman or YOU claims to have lost ALL HOPE. That there is no reason to live. Then (picture this) a hungry lion started running after them, or you. What do you think they or you would do? Lay there and let the lion dine because there is "no reason to live"? I sure don't think so. I'm sure in part, this 'hopeless' persons fight would be because a lion eating you would hurt like crazy, but also to live, to survive. But my point is...you don't have a chance in a FIGHT against a lion, but you are still going to fight. And that right there is some CRAZY hope.
I believe that when we face our biggest obstacles in life, we must have hope to survive. When our lives are threatened hope arises within us. And we find strength we did not know we had.
Since hope in a life or death situation is vital to survive. Whats the difference in day to day living? Hope in the day to day not only gives you a 'mental' survival but it puts life in your living.
We need to live every day as if it is life or death living. Life is a gift, always. A lion chasing us, or a cancer diagnosis shouldn't have to occur until we live with hope and courage. Until we start 'grabbing life by the horns' and being this hero that we all have inside of us.
Don't listen to the negativity of the world. Don't listen to your haters. Don't listen to self doubt or your fears. I believe we are all here to do amazing things. Listen to your bones. Listen to the hope that you have deep inside you and let it move your forward. You haven't lost hope. You have just practiced for far to long not to listen to it anymore. Stop that. Control what you can in life. Hope is one of those things that is up to us.

Hope gives life. Hope gives faith in our journey.
Blow off the dust of doubt and let your hope arise.

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