Sunday, May 22, 2011

i got a blogger award!

ladies and gentleman..... I GOT A BLOGGER AWARD! yippeee!

thanks to April who thought I would be worthy of such an award! i ALSO just received it from my favorite gal pal Noi (noelle)!

what is the award you ask? obviously it is the Stylish blogger award!

rules of this award:

thank the one(s) who gave me the award.
list 7 random facts about myself.

pass on the award!

thank you april and noi for passing this award on to me! it means a lot!

7 random facts about me?

1) i have to drink through a straw. preferably bending straws. why? oh because i dribble on myself without straws, bang my teeth on the glass or/and ice falls into my face, its just bad. so, i carry straws with me...and ALWAYS ask for a straw at restaurants. why do you think it is that they NEVER give you a straw when you just order water, but you nearly always get a straw when you order a soda? drives me NUTS...and please, hold the lemon. you touched that with your fingers.

2) my big toes don't bend in the middle. ouch! don't try to bend them...they don't even have a joint.

3) I LOVE spanish guitar music!! and antonio banderas.... have you seeeeen desperado? click here to listen to some spanish guitar music...the theme song to desperado. i LOVE it.
4) i have a reverse mullet. its from surgery last year. they removed 9 tumors(?) from my head...its getting better. but yea its there...and its awesome.

5) i love to create! no matter what shape or form that is...i LOVE it. i've written songs. books. poems. i have crafted numerous things. i also love to cook and lucky for me, my faithful boyfriend will eat whatever i make, good or bad. =)

6) i have a problem with moderation. sometimes i don't know when to stop. i obsess. i am all or nothing. either my house is spic and span or its a mess. and if i know i cant do something perfect, i don't try at all. definite moderation/perfectionist problem. life problem. right now, my house is a mess....i would take a picture and show you but i am too ashamed. its bad. (im sooo cleaning after this post)

7) i have (semi)secretly wanted to model for a while now. it will never happen. but i have played around with the idea, was signed with an agency for a extreeeeeemly short while. why not? first of all...i am not tall enough for it, i'm only 5'71/2. secondly, my moderation problem. i would obsess over it. i would make working out and my eating habits rule me, and i definitely don't want to live life with THAT as my main focus. so instead i will live vicariously through the gals on america's next top model. here's a couple shots i have had.

i had a fun time trying to think of the random-est of facts for you. i hope that they didn't bore you!

so now who do i pass on the stylish blogger award to? thats EASY!

disclosure: i think 'style' comes in more shapes than fashion.

1) i would have to say michelle's blog is the blog that inspires me most. a few of her friends put it together for her december of 2010 when michelle was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. michelle was only 20 years old when she was diagnosed. this blog was created to help raise money for michelles medical bills and also to encourage her and her family through the road that was and still is before them. this blog has touched my heart and i am sure it will touch yours as well.

2) addi cakes! addi is a dear friend of mine who writes about the beauty that life has to offer. from fashion, to her artwork, travels with family, new recipe's and all of the above. this is a look into life through the eyes of someone recovering from an eating disorder as she takes a step back and looks at life in a whole new way. i am sooo greatful to have her in my life.

3) jessica's blog is a blog that i SOOO aspire to be like! it is so organized. its perfect. she even blogs daily! in the early morning!! oh how i wish i could be more dedicated like her. i have commitment issues i think. anyways, jessica's blog is so much fun to read. we have a mutual friend and jessica used to serve me my coffee at starbucks! this blog is about, as her subtitle reads 'where personal life meets style'. she talks about some daily happenings, whats on her mind, and what she wore that day! simple stuff...but written in a way that is quirky and addicting. this blog makes you happy. daily.

4) megan would also have to be a recipient of this award. she always makes me laugh. if we are hanging out, texting or talkin on the phone...this woman is entertaining. i love reading her blog and hearing her views on life. she is a wife, a mom with a bun in the oven and she is a dear friend to me. this my friends, is the woman who makes my tears floooow when she sings. her voice is powerful her heart is huge and her love is thick. love her.

5) kristi and 3 of her 5 children have neurofibromatosis. she writes about herself and her children's life with NF. she is very vulnerable and informative with what it is like to have NF. she is also an author! something that i aspire to be. i love her love and dedication to her children.

6) last but most CERTAINLY not least. bailey, bailey is one of krisi's (above) daughters who has NF and has just started chemo nearly 2 months ago to help shrink a tumor in her brain. this is a look into the life of a child with NF. these are HER posts. and HER thoughts. she is so very wise, and is so blessed to have such an amazing family. take a look, her positive attitude and her perspective of her circumstance should make you really step back and look at your life more humbly and with more appreciation.

thanks again april and noi for the award. i had a lot of fun giving it back to the world of bloggers.

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  1. these are amazing!! I love Spanish guitar music too : ) aaaand writing, crafting, and cooking-- yay for our Matthews boys and their willingness to be culinary guinea pigs ; )

    and #6? yeah. story of my life :/

    Excited to check out your recommended blogs!