Monday, April 4, 2011

simple truths

this weekend was fab-u-lous. i went antiquing with two of my favorite people (eli and addi). my man and i bought the giant golden brass candle holders you see below. Addi and i just drooled on everything else. here we are wearing amazing feathery hats. i absolutely love old suitcases, one of these had a mirror in it! the picture of myself with some girlies (one in which is addi 'addicakes' 'addikins' or 'adds') is a picture i love. this, ladies and gents is 2 of addi's 3 sisters. yes, 4 girls and 1 boy. the Blacks run a busy household. i am considered one of there "adopted" children, here we are out to dinner. today is chelsea's birthday (the one on my left) happy birthday chelsea! oh yea, and whats with the giant cat book?! the wierd things that you can find at antique stores! Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket ya know whats funny? is that no matter how hard we worry, God is in control an equal amount. He isn't gonna "use both hands" when we start to worry or "look both ways....twice" He is gonna do what He does regardless. isn't that weird to think about? this past week i was sort of a mess. don't even know how many times i cried. during one of my quivering lip attacks i actually realized this simple truth. my lip and myself stopped in their tracks and felt pretty darn humiliated before the Lord. i scoffed at my disbelief and then went on with my day thanking the Lord for the revelation. i swear i knew this before, but it was just brought to my attention in a whole new way, and i hope and pray it will be life changing. another thing that i realized, not about my tumors at all...but i took this 'revelation' to another side of my brain. the judging side. no matter how hard i judge a does nothing good for that person. to God, it doesn't matter what I think about someone! isn't that funny? i thought it was funny!! like my opinion of someone else means anything! oh man. like i really know THEIR life. its so funny to me that we get caught up in talking about others negatively when all the while our opinion doesn't matter, yet for some reason we have something compelling us to express it. thumper's mom from 'Bambi' really had a good point. "if you cant say something nice, don't say nothin' at all!" needless to say, last week i was pretty humbled with my worry wart tendency, as well as my judgmental mind. i wouldn't at all say that i am a gossiping type of gal, but i have done it before. we all have. i am just so thankful that God gave me these truths to mull over in my head. the next time someone cuts me off on the road i will remember the time i did it to someone else. and the next time i start to worry, i will try to remember the last time my worrying accomplished anything possitive.


  1. What an awesome blog! I'm totally following now!

    Oh and thanks for the nice comment on Addi's interview :)

    Hope your day is going great!

  2. Like. (That's my attempt at making blogging as easy as facebooking.)

    "And the heavens proclaim His righteousness, for God Himself is judge. Selah" Psalms 50:6)